Military and Defense

We ensure uninterrupted and secure connection coverage, whenever and wherever wanted!

Better Communications Systems Enable Improved Military Defense Response.

Military and defense organizations must undertake complex tactical operations, often in harsh and remote environments, in both rural and urban areas as well as on water.

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Whether on land or at sea, communications systems for defense and military applications typically include connectivity for mobile units and convoys, including both personnel and military vehicles and ships. Sometimes drones and robots are connected into the system. Information is viewed at centralized or remote command centers using broadband and shared with troops or defense units in the field as required. Ultimately, the information conveyed is mission critical for any military or defense operation.

We know that in the heat of battle, if responding organizations are unable to communicate with each other and coordinate effectively, the entire mission is at risk. All parts of the communications system must work together seamlessly, and without fail.

The challenge for military and defense personnel is having high quality data/voice/video, uninterrupted connectivity for highly mobile users AND ensuring that mobile vehicles and ships are never out of coverage, wherever they may go, often under intense and difficult conditions. In addition, security and privacy of the network can never be compromised.

What if your military and defense operations could have the coverage when they need it and where they need it, in theaters of operation worldwide? What if troops, vehicles, and ships could have a 100% uptime guarantee, and ensure that mobile and fixed units can reach each other when they need to? What if you could be sure that your military or defense team has a military-grade secure and private network when and where you need it?

It’s possible today !

Thanks to Luceor’s WiMESH and HyMESH patented technologies.

Watch how Luceor’s communication devices and solutions help ground and marine military units connect to each other and to command centers, through real-time voice, video and data, with Luceor’s help :

How can Communications Technology be more reliable AND enable military and defense units to be more responsive and proactive at the same time?

The key to getting a more reliable communications system for military and defense applications is to decentralize your unique network. With Luceor WiMESH and HyMESH technology, each individual unit (troops, vehicles, ships, drones, robots, etc…) is part of the same network, and is automatically empowered/enabled to become a point of connection for every other unit. When units are on the move, they’ll always have multiple potential connection points, while automatically expanding the available network bandwidth and coverage.

With better bandwidth that results, it becomes possible for both mobile and fixed units to share live video streams with central commanders, but also for mobile and fixed units to share video feeds with each other, hence improving situational awareness and real time decision-making. Videos of troops, civilians, and aerial imagery can be shared in real time by and for individual vehicles, ships, and combat units, enabling central command and those units on the move to rapidly assess resource needs and deploy accordingly.

Our next generation HyMESH technology provides access to a secondary or tertiary network (private LTE and 5G networks, or satellite) to ensure that connectivity is simply never lost, guaranteed. All this, in turn, ensures that military and defense personnel can do their job with the best available information, without fail.

Make your investment go further

Both our WiMESH and Hybrid Mesh (HyMESH) technology ensure the highest quality connectivity through a unique and robust network for defense and military needs, with equipment as rugged as your tanks and artillery. But just as importantly, they minimize the cost because the equipment doesn’t require a large upfront investment in infrastructure and can be reused as needed. Luceor’s technology is easy and fast to deploy, which is critical for tactical operations.

Our next generation HyMESH technology optimizes costs by intelligently accessing satellite or 5G technology, but only where needed (as a backup or where additional throughput is required).

Will you…Luceor?

Luceor’s networks are chosen by the most demanding defense and military operations in the world. From field military units to marine operations, we provide uninterrupted connectivity, adapted to your needs. Let us show you how!